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CAMComp Group Workers’ Comp Coverage Questions and Answers

Can I join any time during the year?
Yes, we will prorate your day of entry through 12/31. Your following renewal date will be with the rest of the members on January 1st.
Will I continue to have an experience modification?
Yes, we will calculate from our office, adding the new payroll and loss experience with CAMComp.
Will you provide me with certificates of Insurance throughout the year, as needed?
Yes, you can call, email or fax your request to the CAMComp office and/or your agent can provide certificates of insurance. Your certificate is prepared immediately and sent either by mail, email or fax. A copy will always be sent to you.
What types of payment plans are available?
- Equal Monthly Payments
- Monthly Payroll Reporting
Can I pay my premium online?
Yes, you can pay online here.
When was this program started?
The program started on January 1, 1982, as a group self-insurance program. It is designed for the construction industry and governed by a board of trustees who are members elected by the membership. The State of Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency oversees all aspects of the program for compliance with the Workers’ Comp Act.
What if my company’s payroll decreases, is there a minimum?
Yes, the minimum annual premium is $750.
Upon joining, why do I have to provide a financial balance sheet?
The Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency requires a financial statement to be submitted with a new member's application. As mandated by state regulations, businesses must show a ratio of current assets to current liabilities of at least 1:1 and maintain a positive net worth.
Who can join this program?
Because it is specifically designed for the construction industry, the company must primarily be a contractor, subcontractor or supplier of materials for the construction industry.
I am a sole proprietor with no employees, do I need a Workers’ Compensation policy?
No, a sole proprietor cannot be covered under Workers’ Compensation. However, if employees are hired, you must secure a workers’ compensation policy to cover them.
I'm an LLC, do I need workers' comp?
Contact Workers' Disability Compensation Agency here to see if you qualify for a Notice of Exclusion (WC-337).
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