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CAMComp offers agents a wealth of valuable benefits crafted to support their success. From competitive commission to aggressive claims management and loss control and safety services, we provide the tools you need to excel.

Become a Select Agent for CAMComp, Michigan's premier group self-insurance program, and unlock exclusive access to group workers’ comp coverage tailored for sponsoring associations statewide. But that's just the beginning – CAMComp's top-notch workers' compensation coverage opens doors for your agency to thousands of Michigan contractors actively seeking reliable insurance solutions.

Submission Requirements to Apply for CAMComp MI Workers’ Comp

To apply for coverage, your client must meet a few basic guidelines. Learn more about our application process and review the requirements to ensure your client can meet them.

Agent Resources

Access informative agent resources and applications from CAMComp’s Policy Information and Average Return Schedule to our Officer Exclusion From and Independent Contractor Statement Form.

CAMComp Coverage:

Explore Our Classification Codes

Discover more about the classification codes we cover and how we safeguard our members. Gain insights into our comprehensive protection measures and the range of classification codes included in our coverage.