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CAMComp is more than just an insurance option – we’re your trusted partner in the construction industry. To provide the construction industry with tailored support, we've engineered a group self-insurance program meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of our members. Through our member resources, from our safety courses to compassionate and simple claims processes, CAMComp caters to the unique needs of the construction industry. 

Dedicated to providing affordable, comprehensive and trusted workers’ compensation, CAMComp serves as the state’s leading self-insured workers’ comp program, supporting thousands of members and rewarding them for their safety.

Experience Coverage Crafted For You

Led by construction professionals, CAMComp offers seamless support tailored to the industry's unique challenges. Our comprehensive resources empower members and agents, while our local experts provide personalized guidance to ensure optimal coverage. With potential premium credits for prioritizing safety and vast industry coverage, CAMComp is the premier choice for construction workers' compensation needs.

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Coverage Built for Your Safety & Success

Experience coverage that protects your team and supports your success. Join a community of construction professionals united by a shared commitment to safety with access to valuable tools and services tailored to their specific needs. From our comprehensive safety courses to our efficient claims processes, CAMComp is built for you.
At CAMComp, safety isn't just a priority – it's a rewarding investment. Through our premium credit model, we give back to members by crediting premiums not utilized for claims. It's our way of recognizing and appreciating your commitment to safety, ensuring that your efforts are not only valued but also rewarded.

Providing Members With:

  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage
  • Claims Management
  • Safety Services

Agents, Partner with CAMComp!

Experience Agent Success with CAMComp

Dedicated to delivering industry-leading service to both policyholders and agents, we proudly partner with independent insurance agencies across Michigan, offering comprehensive workers' compensation coverage. Through hands-on support, efficiency and incentive programs, we provide agents with valuable advantages geared toward their success and the success of their clients.

Agent Benefits

  • Rapid New Business Quotes
  • Competitive Commissions
  • In-House Underwriting & Loss Control
  • Aggressive Claims Management
  • Personal Service for Your Client

What Makes CAMComp Michigan’s Top Choice for Workers’ Compensation?

See What Our Members Are Saying

  • Skip DiGiovanni
    CAMComp’s Safety Director was very positive about what was working in our safety programs and jobsite. And in the areas that needed attention, he steered us in the right direction. The Safety Director did notice one specific thing we had overlooked. A mixer door was open that should always be closed. CAMComp Safety Center and Loss Control Services are so important & valuable to members. I want everyone to know about it.
    Skip DiGiovanni
    Central Masonry & Cement, Inc
  • Robert Singer
    “Not only did we save tens of thousands in premiums by switching to CAMComp, but we have also received over $70,000 in surplus returns in the short period of time we have been insured. CAMComp‘s staff are experts in Workers’ Compensation. And their fair but firm claims handling has saved us premium dollars!”
    Robert Singer
    Duross Painting
  • John Daiek
    “CAMComp was able to take the worry out of our workers’ comp cost and coverage. We have participated in safety programs that have impacted our overall productivity and profitability. We at Daiek Woodworks love CAMComp! And I really like the premium rebates that we receive each year.”
    John Daiek
    Daiek Woodworks
  • Bill Borgiel
    “CAMComp has a family atmosphere which we love. And should a problem occur, we can attest that they have the resources and talent to handle the most sophisticated claims with 100% care and efficiency. The CAMComp dividend returns are also a terrific benefit to members. We believe that with CAMComp, Lutz Roofing has a true advantage in the industry.”
    Bill Borgiel
    Lutz Roofing
  • Barbara Bennett
    “Choosing CAMComp is one of the best decisions we ever made. I have found requests directed to CAMComp staff are always handled quickly and professionally whether it’s a request for a certificate of insurance or a general question about safety. Their follow-up is phenomenal.”
    Barbara Bennett
    LW Bennett Construction
  • Stephen R. Dailey
    “CAMComp saves me thousands of dollars every year with competitive rates and refund of surplus claims funds. I get the coverage I need and the comfort of knowing they are protecting my interests with aggressive management of claims. They are extremely responsive, a pleasure to work with, and provide a level of service that is invaluable to me, my employees and my company as a whole.”
    Stephen R. Dailey
    The Dailey Company
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