Meet the Team

Meet the Team Behind CAMComp

Here at CAMComp, we're proud to provide affordable workers' group coverage in Michigan that rewards our customers for working safely.

From quickly and compassionately handling claims to providing free workplace safety training, everything we do at CAMComp is done with you as the most important person at the forefront: 

Your CAMComp Team:

CAMComp's Administrator, Janice ShaverJanice Shaver


CAMComp's Accounting Director, Judy SingerJudy Singer
Accounting Director 


CAMComp's Business Development Underwriter, Michelle MageMichelle Mage
Business Development Underwriter


CAMComp's Loss Control Consultant, Tracy NelsonTracy Nelson
Loss Control Consultant


CAMComp's Marketing Coordinator/Assistant Underwriter, Jessica CummingsJessica Cummings
Marketing Coordinator/Assistant Underwriter


CAMComp's Member Service Associate, Lindsey MorganLindsey Morgan
Member Service Associate



Are You Ready for a Workers’ Comp Program That Pays You to be Safe?


When it comes to workers' comp coverage, you need a company that's on your side.

FACT: Most individual insurance programs collect premiums year after year - protecting their bottom line, not yours.

CAMComp invests your premiums, and if the premiums collected exceed the claims paid out, everybody wins.
With CAMComp, it pays to work safely.

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