Benefits of Group Coverage

Why Choose Group Coverage Over Traditional Insurance? 

Here’s the secret that traditional insurance carriers won’t tell you: We offer the same workers’ compensation coverage they do.

Under the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Act, all insurance providers must ensure that their workers’ compensation products meet specific requirements in order to be sold. That means our policies are just as rigorous and comprehensive as traditional insurance policies.

But we feature one MAJOR difference....We PAY OUR CUSTOMERS BACK for working safely! 

CAMComp is a premier self-insurance group designed by and specifically for construction businesses. We understand your unique needs.

When you choose CAMComp group coverage, you join a large group of like-minded businesses - focused on safety, which helps minimize claim losses. At the end of the year, we reward our customers for their safe work, which turns your workers’ compensation insurance into an investment.

Our #1 goal is to save you money.

Take a Look at Why More Construction Leaders Choose CAMComp for All Their Workers’ Comp Needs:

Member Spotlight:

Michigan Air Products Finds CAMComp’s Safety Center a Valuable ResourceMichigan Air Products Finds CAMComp’s Safety Center a Valuable ResourceMichigan Air Products was founded in 1973 and now represents over twenty HVAC technologies manufacturers. The company has more than 40 workers in sales, warehouse operations, and customer service positions.

“Great rates and great service!"

Steve Mollison cares about the safety of employees at Michigan Air Handling, especially after a recent workers' compensation claim. Steve says, "Michigan Air Products is a charter member of CAMComp, so we have a long history of enjoying their great rates and great service. We've been claim-free for over 6 years, so when we needed to claim a result of an auto accident on a snowy day, we found excellence in that area as well. We are using the Safety Center more and more for its helpful tips and timely information."

Steve’s Top Reasons for Choosing CAMComp:

  • Reasonable and competitive rates
  • Great customer service
  • Prompt and efficient claims handling
  • Safety Center information

If your business can benefit from great rates, great coverage, and great service, plus all the benefits of CAMComp‘s Safety Center, contact us today.

Learn More About CAMComp and Workers’ Comp in Michigan

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Overview of Workers’ Comp in Michigan
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Are You Ready for a Workers’ Comp Program That Pays You to be Safe?


When it comes to workers' comp coverage, you need a company that's on your side.

FACT: Most individual insurance programs collect premiums year after year - protecting their bottom line, not yours.

CAMComp invests your premiums, and if the premiums collected exceed the claims paid out, everybody wins.
With CAMComp, it pays to work safely.

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