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Get Rewarded for Playing It Safe 

As Michigan’s leading self-insured group, we reward our members for building a safer and healthier workplace.

Here’s how we do it: We offer the same workers’ compensation coverage as traditional insurers, but with one key difference. Rather than collecting premiums and pocketing the profits, we invest those premiums.

At the end of every year, we compare the group’s claims paid out vs. the premiums paid in. If the premiums exceed the claims, we pay that difference plus investment income back to our group members.

By taking this approach, we’ve created a workers’ compensation program that makes insurance an investment - not a business-busting expense.

Here’s an Example of How Much You Can Get Paid Back with CAMComp:

Group Return Schedules

Here’s How CAMComp Helps You Keep Your Workplace Safe

Loss Safety Control Personnel:

Safety Consultants who specialize in the construction industry provide safety training services, safety visits, education resources, and access to the CAMComp Safety Center.

CAMComp Safety Center

CAMComp Safety Center:

The CAMComp Safety Center provides an online comprehensive workplace safety program to all CAMComp members at NO charge.

As a member of CAMComp, you’ll get access to a variety of resources, including checklists, programs, presentations, and more. Additionally, you’ll get access to over 300 online workplace safety training courses (available in English and Spanish) that you can share with your employees.



Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA)

Get instant access to MIOSHA's safety information sheets, updates, department initiatives, events, and more.  Check out the MIOSHA Website for more information.



OSHA Construction E-Tool: Preventing Fatalities

Get immediate access to OSHA's interactive tool that helps users identify and control the hazards that commonly cause the most serious construction injuries.


CAMComp regularly provides new workplace safety resources for our members, so stay tuned for more information!

When it comes to workers' comp coverage, you need a company that's on your side.

FACT: Most individual insurance programs collect premiums year after year - protecting their bottom line, not yours.

CAMComp invests your premiums, and if the premiums collected exceed the claims paid out, everybody wins.
With CAMComp, it pays to work safely.

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